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There are a few methods to tell that your driveway needs to be repaired or replaced. If you notice that you are getting repairs done more often than usual, you might want to consider installing a new driveway. Large fractures or cracks can also indicate structural damage. Our team in Brandon Driveway Repair would be happy to assess its condition and help you resolve whether you need a repair or replacement solution.

Our dedicated team in Brandon Driveway Repair is always pleased to provide these services. Your driveway goes through a great deal of wear and tear, so there eventually comes a time when many concrete driveways need to be replaced. When that day comes for your driveway, call the local professionals you trust to give your home the appearance it deserves with our driveway repair and replacement services.

If you’re similar to most of our clients, you’re probably unsure about when is the right time to replace your current driveway. We’ve seen our share of really unsightly driveway throughout the years. These are our top 3 Signs of when it is time to replace your existing driveway.

1. Do you notice visible cracking? 


If you are seeing your current driveway starting to crack. That is a real indication that you may need to consider replacing your driveway. Hairline cracks in your concrete driveway can become common as your driveway starts to age and the weather takes its toll. These cracks develop over the years due to weather surfaces and harmful substances penetrating the surface as the gaps continue to spread. They can become broader and more profound, ultimately leading to larger problems down the road. All those tiny cracks can be fixed, but keep in mind those areas will be darker and stand out more than other places, causing your driveway to lack curb appeal.

2. Are you encountering standing water?


You will see that water will not affect your driveway throughout the years if it’s in good condition, but as your driveway begins to age, you’re going to start to see drainage issues that can cause extensive and expensive damage down the road. So if your driveway becomes uneven, you’ll begin to notice areas of standing or pooling water. When this happens, these areas will diminish the driveway structure, ultimately leading to severe cracking and potholes. Although you can reinstate certain parts of your driveway at this point, the damage may be severe enough to warrant total driveway replacement.

3. Is your driveway 20 years old or older?


Although you may struggle with the thought of replacing your driveway sometimes, you need to understand that your driveway is getting old. And if this is the case, and you’re experiencing a combination of cracks, standing water, and harsh weather, it’s probably time to call a professional paving company like us. We can help lead you to the best replacement options on the market and have you enjoy your new driveway for decades to come. 

Our driveway replacement can solve many of your issues, including all three of the ones we just spoke about. Our goal here at Brandon Driveway Repair is to have you stop dealing with costly repairs and start learning more about the practical solutions offered for driveway replacements.

A quick site inspection of your driveway will help us to determine the best service for your driveway’s needs. Brandon Driveway Repair will help you every step of the way to resolve the best outcome for your concrete surface.

Our team of trained professionals takes pride in their capability to handle a wide range of replacement and repair projects, including driveways, sidewalks, patios, and sidewalks. Should you be interested in our concrete driveway repair or replacement services, please feel free to give us a call at (813) 521-7361. Our team at Brandon Driveway Repair will work hard to offer you the best driveway repair or replacement services.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner in the area, you can count on Brandon Driveway Repair to make sure that any concrete surfaces on your property are in their best shape. We offer driveway solutions to residential homeowners throughout Brandon and the surrounding areas in Florida.