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Asphalt by nature bursts, and cracks unlike concrete, controlled joints cannot be attached to asphalt to prevent it from cracking. When cracks occur, they should be sealed. A hot rubberized sealer must be poured. Sealing the cracks will help to limit further damage, including pavement failures like potholes.

Ultimately, bursts should be sealed every fall when the concrete is cool and open at its widest. The fall season is the best time for sealing cracks, so when the heat from summer comes back around, and the concrete has heated and expanded, the cracks are sealed tightly from rainfall and water runoff.

Brandon Driveway Repair offers extremely high-quality embellishing concrete finishes at affordable prices. We are the chosen supplier of a variety of well-known building and contracting companies. We also operate directly with individual clients. Are you searching for a concrete contractor or concrete company with a reputation for producing outcomes? Then give us a call!

We can handle various concrete work, from taking out old concrete that needs to be replaced to newly laid concrete for driveways, vehicle crossings, sidewalks, patios, retaining walls, and more. We offer various finished concrete products from your standard boomed finish, exposed aggregate, to what’s trending currently, such as edged and polished finishes. Please speak to one of our expert team members to make your visions come alive.

Our Mission

Our focus is on the construction industry’s health and safety area. We aim to provide the best leadership, behavior, and systems to support a positive change in Brandon, Florida’s health and safety culture. We aspire our customers to rely on us and trust that each project will be done correctly and entirely. No matter how small or big the job you need us to build is, don’t hesitate to reach out to our company.

Our company is built with experienced professionals, licensed building practitioners, and skillful concrete layers who share a passion for excellence. We have the expertise to produce innovative concreting resolutions tailored to fit your needs on schedule every time, no matter what the job is.

Driveway Repair

Whether you envision a new home or renovate your existing property, a new driveway adds instant curb appeal. A well-laid concrete driveway finishes your home correctly and gives you a substantial space for parking your vehicles and entering your property.

Brandon Driveway Repair services include following our full site inspection. We offer a free detailed quotation for your job. At Brandon Driveway Repair, we will ensure your driveway looks great while also being functional in all weather.

Those extra touches for a fantastic finish. May it be wheel stops or speed humps. Or, if you need something a little complex, let us know! Brandon Driveway Repair can tailor our assistance and services to fit your job, big or small.

Driveway Replacement

We understand driveways, concrete, cement work, and the process necessary to do any job correctly. When the moment comes to perform services outside of your residence or business, let our team take those jobs for you.

Brandon Driveway Repair knows that each customer and every job is different, so we extend a full no-obligation concrete evaluation with specialist advice on your concrete requirements.

Concrete Walkways and Sideways

We specialize in one area, saving you money and arranging the contracting job swiftly and efficiently—extensive concrete knowledge & responsive and easy turnaround for your job. Our team of concreting specialists has a comprehensive understanding of Florida’s unique walkways and sideways challenges. We are dedicated to helping you perfect lasting concrete walkways and sideways solution for your home and businesses!

Concrete Retaining Walls

With our expert knowledge and experience, we understand that your standard retaining wall’s purpose is not just to hold back the soil. Still, it can also be constructed for design and landscaping purposes too, blending form and function.

Brandon Driveway Repair can work within different scopes, complicated or small space sites, and work with your landscape designer and engineers to make your vision come alive. It is essential to have an inspection done before contracting an earthworks company to build your retaining wall, as there are specific rules around different heights and getting consent. We can also assist you with navigating through this process if required.

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We pride ourselves on our expertise and experience to deliver high-quality craft. We do the job once, and we do it right!

Contact Brandon Driveway Repair today to book your free quote for your new driveway. And if you need your concrete driveway repaired or have potholes or cracks in your asphalt, enquire now. We can assess the damage and recommend the best cost-effective solution to extend the life of your existing concrete driveway. Let Brandon Driveway Repair professionally handle your project from beginning to end. Talk to us about your requirements now.